Cutek | Wood Stabilizer
Voted #1 among 22 finishes as per professional deck builder magazine.
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Wood Stabilizer

When other timber coatings fail professionals turn to Cutek



Wood is hygroscopic, looking always to have same moisture as the environment. At night moisture comes in and expands the wood; during the day  the sun turns water into vapor and gets out of the wood, contracting the material in a continuous pumping.


This causes swelling, cupping, checking and splitting, compromising the integrity of the wood and allowing the mold and fungi to land on it.


Most coatings and deck stains try to resolve this by encapsulation; they form a film which eventually breaks down in UV light allowing much higher levels of moisture to enter the Wood. This failure to control moisture is the number one cause of good decay of wood  and eventualdecay.




CUTEK takes a completely different approach to the problem; due to it’s chemical architecture CUTEK stays mobile for months, getting deep inside the wood and filling every cell where it stays, protecting the wood from inside out.


CUTEK is hydrophobic; so it will repel water next time it wants to get into the wood, controlling moisture long term. We say it alters the hygroscopic nature of the wood. Because of this CUTEK reduces dramatically the swelling,  cupping, checking and splitting, keeping the wood integrity longer.



The creator of CUTEK, Peter Reid has been in this quest to reach wood stability for the last 30 years.


Watch the video of a conversation between Mauricio Leniz – Chilean architect- and Peter Reid, about Wood Stability.

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