Cutek | AIIM Building
Voted #1 among 22 finishes as per professional deck builder magazine.
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Winner of The People’s Choice Award, 2011

This Microscopy building is the centrepiece of a composition of buildings for the University of Wollongong – Innovation Campus. Sited within a courtyard between three storey precast concrete research buildings and connected over 2 levels via a naturally ventilated glass ‘link’ this delicate timber structure will house some of the countries most powerful microscopes in Australia.


The microscopes are highly sensitive to electromagnetic interference, as such any continuous structural elements in the vicinity are required to be non-ferrous. This functional requirement was the driving force behind the timber structure and cladding.


The coastal location generates constant exposure of the façade cladding to wind driven moisture. The facade was also required to meet the universities’ warranty policy of 10 years.


Cutek Clear was used to meet the requirements.


Source: Australian Timber Awards –

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