Cutek | Birrarung Marr Bridge
Voted #1 among 22 finishes as per professional deck builder magazine.
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The pedestrian bridge in Birrarung is a 300 meter long timber and steel structure  that leads to the Cricket Stadium of Melbourne. 1 million+ people transit here walking and on bikes every year to watch Australia’s most popular sport.


The bridge connects the city to the river, the constructed  environment to the natural and it  explores the ideas of rhythm and movement, containment and exposure, texture and sound.


It’s central spine is profiled in response to the spacing of the support columns which vary with the distance of the bridge above the ground.


The superstructure is a delicately crafted series of Jarrah timber glulam beams and Red Iron Barck decking.


The bridge received two coats of CUTEK oil Clear in year 2000 for the Olympic Games and has never been maintained after that. The timber is in good shape.


Source: Sally  Draper Architects –

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