Cutek | Docklands Library
Voted #1 among 22 finishes as per professional deck builder magazine.
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Winner Excellence in design Public or Commercial Buildings

Winner Sustainability

Library at the Docks fulfills a vision of environmental excellence and is Australia’s most sustainable public building. Setting new environmental standards, it is the first public building in Australia to be constructed from Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and recycled hardwood. The use of sustainably managed forest timber reduces the overall carbon impact of the building, as well as reducing carbon during construction. Based on the volume of CLT, it is estimated that 250 ton of carbon is retained in the building. No water was used during the structural works, representing a significant reduction against conventional techniques such as concrete. As CLT is approximately 30% lighter than traditional structures, the building uses the existing wharf structure as its base, eliminating the need for a concrete or steel sub-structural system and associated demolition. Some ironbark columns and beams are reclaimed from a bridge in Queensland, while the promenade decking is constructed from locally sourced recycled hardwood.


The siding and decking used CUTEK.


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