Cutek | Red Hill House
Voted #1 among 22 finishes as per professional deck builder magazine.
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Excellence in Timber Design. Residential new construction


Situated on top of a hill with views past a vineyard to the bay, the Red Hill House forms a contemporary rural villa. The house form has both a Nordic village character as well as a nod to local beach side dressing boxes. This house, a timber and glazing abstraction, reflects both literally and metaphorically the natural features of the surrounding water and woods.


Silvertop Ash used as cladding, portico heads draped in separated rough-saw Oregon reveals the house entry points. Articulation in the cladding, roofs, posts, slats, steps and decking creates interest in the structure.


Silvertop Ash decking runs along the north, aligning land contours, providing views under a timber pergola.


CUTEK was used clear.


Source: Australian Timber Awards –

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