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Voted #1 among 22 finishes as per professional deck builder magazine.
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Full Weather

If you like the wood to silver through time your best option is CUTEK Clear.


Applying just the oil, without color will assure all the protection that CUTEK is known for – dimensional stability and powerful biocidal protection – but since the oil has no UV protection the wood will lighten and gracefully silver through time while still providing long term protection.


A more sustainable approach

Wood lightens through time as a natural process. Users like the wood to stay artificially in mint conditions adding color to it. This brings a painful and expensive maintenance schedule that requires a big effort to keep the wood in such conditions.

To leave the wood silvering has also a beautiful look.

A natural lighting will make the wood look “alive”,  evolving and reflecting a natural process.

If you appreciate the beauty of the natural wood know you have CUTEK clear, to provide long term protection through a protected grey.


Less maintenance

Because CUTEK stays inside the wood you can extend the cycles of  maintenance, reducing the hassle and saving money.


Case studies

See some case studies of projects in Australia done just with CUTEK Clear (click here).

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