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Voted #1 among 22 finishes as per professional deck builder magazine.
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Cutek 101

IMPORTANT – Please read before using CUTEK



1/ New wood


New wood should be clean, dry and free from any existing paints, stains or sealers.


For best results, clean the timbers using ProClean and high pressure as per our guidelines. This will help remove stains, millglaze and brighten the wood. It will also open and raise the timber grain that once dry, will allow for better penetration of CUTEK oil. Color durability (if using a Colortone), will be enhanced when following this cleaning process.


Where possible, sanding the timber/deck using 80 grit will provide an ideal surface in preparation for application of CUTEK oil. Ensure all dust is removed by blowing, sweeping or vacuuming the sanded timber.


2/ Old wood with an existing coating


Wood must be clean, dry and free from any existing paints, stains or sealers.


Cleaning alone isn’t enough to remove existing paints, stains or sealers so a combination of sanding and stripping is required to remove all film.


IMPORTANT – CUTEK oil relies on full penetration into the wood and failure to remove existing paints, stains or sealers will not allow CUTEK oil to penetrate, dry and cure as it should.


After sanding and stripping all existing paints, stains or sealers, follow up using ProClean should be carried out to neutralize, clean and brighten the wood in preparation for CUTEK oil.






If you desire to keep the natural color of the wood for longer, using a Colortone mixed into the CUTEK Extreme clear oil is a must.


We always recommend testing CUTEK with color for suitability on your selected wood. Our dealers stock a range of pre-mixed sample cans so you can test with application of two coats, allow to fully dry over a few days in full weather exposure. This is the best way to evaluate CUTEK with color and you can move forward with the right expectation of what your project will look like.


Wood projects where just CUTEK Extreme clear oil is used will lighten and eventually silver over time while still remaining protected. This represents a low maintenance option. If later on you desire to bring back the natural color of the timber, you can clean using ProClean and high pressure washing followed by application of CUTEK oil as clear or with one of our available Colortones.




Painting 101 is that you shouldn’t paint wet wood and you shouldn’t paint in the rain or in damp conditions. It’s no different when applying CUTEK oil.


Wood needs to be clean and dry and if rain is due in the next 12 hours, then delay application of CUTEK oil until there is more favorable weather.


If you already applied the first coat and it rains within a few hours, remove any water excess from the boards, wait until they dry and apply second coat.




Drying time can vary significantly depending on the weather, temperature and humidity, timber species density and moisture content and the amount of CUTEK oil applied in any one application.


You should allow at least 24 hours drying time before application of second coat of CUTEK oil and if in doubt, just wait another day before going ahead with application.


Wood should feel dry to the touch and non greasy before application of a 2nd coat of CUTEK oil.




The first coat should be in all six faces, for best results.


Second coat can be only in exterior face.




In hardwoods you should apply thin coats.


Softwood and Thermally Modified timber will naturally take up more CUTEK oils with the first application. It’s best to apply a thin coat as your 2nd application.


Always apply generously on end grain.




CUTEK is fast and easy to apply and the great news is that you don’t need to be a Pro to get a Pro finish!


CUTEK diffuses into the wood and doesn’t leave lap marks.


CUTEK oil can be applied in direct sun even on the hottest days and you won’t get drips, runs, sags or overlap marks.




All wood needs to be dry with a moisture content  of 17% or less.


Please review our video series on Vimeo or in our website under link Resources, to get helpful information before starting your project.

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