Cutek | Colortones
Voted #1 among 22 finishes as per professional deck builder magazine.
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Clear or with Colortones

When other timber coatings fail professionals turn to Cutek


Simple program

If you want the wood to naturally lighten and turn silver over time, using just the CUTEK Clear oil will help you achieve this popular modern architectural look. The wood still remains very well protected even though this natural silvering has taken place. Natural oils turn black over time, but wood protected with CUTEK remains a light silver color.

Now if what you are looking for is color, CUTEK range of 10 Colortones are high quality, fully transparent pigments designed to enhance the natural tone and grain of the wood. They come in small cans to pour into the oil. Colortones provide UV protection and will maintain the natural color for longer than clear oil.

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