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Voted #1 among 22 finishes as per professional deck builder magazine.
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CUTEK explained


CUTEK is a synthetic oil developed in Australia 30 years ago, specialized in exterior wood protection.


It takes a completely different approach to wood care; instead of encapsulating the wood like most coatings, it gets deep into the wood and protects from within. CUTEK is hydrophobic, repelling water. This changes the hygroscopic nature of the wood (continuous exchange of moisture).  It will reduce its swelling, cupping, twisting and checking dramatically, increasing the service life of the wood.

CUTEK has a powerful biocidal effect preventing the formation of mold and fungi.


CUTEK Extreme comes as a clear oil and will allow wood to lighten and silver over time while still providing long term protection. If longer color retention is desired there are the Colortones, translucent colors that enhance the beauty of the wood.

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